Hello, World!

Hello, world!

Welcome to my first website, Jack and Beck.  In case I haven’t told you enough times already, you ARE my world!  Including mom of course. 🙂  I’ve been debating over the past few years on what new project I want to work on since we now live in Luxembourg temporarily for mom’s work, and for the first time in my life I finally have time during the day to do whatever I want.  It have to admit, experiencing this complete freedom has been amazing.  I love it!  Since I was a kid I’ve wanted it—to have the resources and time to dream and make those dreams become reality.  Now, of course, I take care of the family and the house for a significant part of my day, but I also have a chunk of time while you both are in school where I could literally play Xbox and stream Netflix all day.  My 14 year old self probably would appreciate that.  However, my 44 year old self would find that fun for about 24 hours before I felt worthless and depressed.  Maybe because I’m at the half-way point in my life?  Either way, over the last two years I’ve decided to use my free time to do things I’ve wanted to do since you were born, but didn’t make time for because of my career.  Simple things.  Working out.  Eating healthy.  Playing music. Spending quality time with you guys.  Inventing things, but intentionally not following through on them, because I knew, from experience as an entrepreneur, how much of my time it would take from you.  Time and energy I don’t want to sacrifice ever again!  However, I’ve been feeling a strong pull to do something.  Something I can leave behind, that makes me feel like my time on this earth was worthwhile—a legacy. Even better would be something that could somehow improve the world.

The good news is I know I’m already leaving a legacy behind.  The two of you!  However, what if I could find something that “killed two birds with one stone,” as they say?  A project allowing me to not only be the best dad, the best husband, and the best me I can be, but also where I can explore a concept I’m passionate about.  A project that might even have the slightest potential to accelerate the evolution of the humans species.  Pretty ambitious, huh?!  So, I ended up deciding to create this website.  Doesn’t sound very impressive, I admit.  In fact, I don’t even really like writing.  I’m an engineer, designer, musician…not a writer!  My SAT scores will even tell you that I shouldn’t even pick up a pencil!  However, I’m not going to let that stop me, because I’m on a mission.  It is in my destiny to tell a story that will take over a decade to tell.  A story about my pioneering role as your soul producer.  What is a soul producer you ask?

Essentially, a soul producer is my attempt to elevate the role of parent among other professions in the world—corporate executive, Hollywood celebrity, athlete, doctor, scientist, etc.. You see, I value you guys more than the Apple company, an Academy award, a Super Bowl trophy, or a Nobel Prize.  I would, without hesitation, sacrifice my own life to save yours.  Would I do the same for a company or an award?  Absolutely not!  So, why am I not taking my new role as a full-time parent as seriously as those other professions?!  Why am I not going the extra mile like I did in my previous careers?  For example, outside the regular 8 hour work day I would listen to leadership podcasts, work on my company’s vision document, attend industry seminars, review my daily, weekly, and annual goals. So, why am I not spending that kind of time and focus to improve my parenting skills?  Probably because deep down inside I’ve been conditioned by society to believe that the role of a parent is not as important as other professions in our society that get all the media attention.  When was the last time a parent graced the cover of Time magazine’s Person of the Year issue?  Never.  I’d guess it’s because it wouldn’t make for an interesting article if all it described was my day spent taxiing you kids to and from school, washing and folding laundry, preparing dinner while you are getting homework done, and making sure your teeth are brushed before you go to bed at 9PM.  It’s not an easy job for sure.  But it’s also not Nobel Prize worthy work.  Therefore, I fell into the trap of not seeing my parenting role as important as my previous careers.

In fact, in my previous life, when someone would ask what I did for a living, I would proudly say that I made video games.  People were usually impressed by that.  Probably because there are lot of magazine covers talking about the future of video games and virtual reality.  People would immediately want to know more about me.  However, since being a full-time parent, people aren’t as impressed.  Maybe they are a little, because I happen to be a “Mr. Mom.”  Nowadays, when asked the same question of what I do, I find myself answering “Previously I had a career making video games and then started my own company in the health and wellness space and sold it.  Now I take care of my two boys full-time while my wife works at Amazon.”  I felt ashamed!  Ashamed that I had to qualify myself with previous “professional” career experience and that just saying I was a full-time parent wasn’t good enough.  But deep down, I knew my impact on the world as a parent was much more significant than making another video game that sucked away people’s free time.  I also knew in my heart that my role as a parent wasn’t just about providing you children with the lower end of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: food, water, shelter, clothes, security, safety, health, friendship, and love.  My 44 years of honed intuition and life experience told me that my most significant role as your parent is to ensure your souls are ready to leave the nest. To be lifted, not only by love, but also by Maslow’s higher level needs—the self-esteem and the self-actualization—to create whatever reality you can visualize.  To leave your own legacy.  Therefore, the title parent is insufficient in describing my role.  Instead, the title for the most important job in the world is soul producer – a career in making souls fly!

So, let’s get ready to fly Jack and Beck!





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