Exit Strategy: First Steps


Exit Strategy.

Around the time I was brainstorming the soul producer concept I was also considering writing a book called Exit Strategy – How to Get the Most Out of Your Investments Children.  It was during a time when I was newly inspired to take full advantage of my new role as your full-time soul producer.  We had just moved to Luxembourg, and after the move to Europe, my long time friend and business partner (Brent Poole) and I had recently sold our company, Mindbloom.

After 9 years of being in the “start-up” world, from concept to exit, I couldn’t help from seeing everything from the perspective of an entrepreneur and investor.  On one particular school day in Luxembourg, I was cleaning up after making breakfast for you guys and beginning to pack your lunch when Jack asked if he and Beck could watch their favorite Clone Wars episode on the AppleTV.  I didn’t see why not.  It kept you quiet and out of my thinning hair.

Then, deep in my gut, something didn’t feel right.  Wait a minute!  Jack is 11 years old and Beck 9.  These kids are tech savvy enough to open up their own Geek Squad franchise.  Are they not smart enough to make their own breakfast and lunch?  Why am I doing this?!

Okay, I admit I enjoy seeing the surprise on Beck’s face when I serve him his favorite breakfast—Eggs Benedict—and how he eats them as if they were slices of pizza, oozing with molten mozzarella.  I still don’t know how he doesn’t get third degree burns from the egg yolk dripping down his chin and forearms.  However, what was nagging at my insides was the fact that I knew that I was doing my job ineffectively.  If I did everything for you guys, then I knew I wasn’t going to be getting the most out of our multi-million dollar investments.  Yeah, you heard me!  Multi-millions.  How pathetic would it be if the only thing you could make yourself for breakfast in college is a bowl of cereal?

That’s when it really hit me.  Hey, these kids are like start-up companies and mom and I are the sole investors and board members.  Maybe I should create a corporate website called Jack and Beck Productions, Inc.?  I seriously considered that by the way.

After my eureka moment, I was considering the idea of writing the book Exit Strategy – How to Get the Most Our of Your Investments Children.

(work in progress)


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